Get no-hassle carpet cleaning results with Flint Oreck

The Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaning System is an easy and effective way to keep your carpet and upholstery looking beautiful.

Oreck Premist® is step 1 and effectively loosens stubborn dirt and oil from carpet fibers. Oreck Dry Carpet® Cleaning Powder is step 2, and its particles are engineered to attract and absorb tough soil, stains, spots, odors, allergens and residues from all types of carpet and upholstery fiber (including nylon, wool, silk, oriental rugs and many others). These sponge-like particles contain a water-based cleaning solution and a light lemon-scented freshener.

  • Step 1: Simply remove any solid material and blot wet spills prior to cleaning. Apply a fine mist of Oreck Premist® without oversaturating carpet.
  • Step 2: Sprinkle Oreck Dry Carpet® Cleaning Powder over the treated area.
  • Step 3: Brush Oreck Dry Carpet® Cleaning Powder into the carpet using a brush applicator or the Oreck® Orbiter® Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine. (For upholstery, use a soft bristle hand brush or a terry cloth towel.) The particles will penetrate the fibers and absorb dirt, odor and allergens.
  • Step 4: Allow at least 30-45 minutes for the soil-laden particles to dry, then simply vacuum.

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Information courtesy of Oreck.com