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Flint Oreck Pod

A better clean. The Oreck Pod.

The new Oreck Pod is a lightweight and versatile cordless vacuum with the unparalleled cleaning performance of a self-sealing POD. Cordless means it's convenient, the POD means it seals in the dirt to avoid leftover dust clouds and the name Oreck means quality.

Flint Oreck cordless POD vacuum

This is the clean solution to those dust clouds traditional vacuums leave behind when emptied. This new Oreck cordless vacuum features self-sealing POD Technology that captures and contains that dust and dirt, keeping you and your home clean. The POD is powerful, lightweight and delivers up to 35 minutes of run time. It converts to a hand vac in seconds and offers three tools for a truly versatile clean anywhere.

Everyday Convenience

Our POD makes the capture and containment of dirt and dust convenient and mess-free. Just drop a fresh POD in to start.

Small but Mighty

The POD starts small and expands as you clean to hold up to three times more than the dirt cup in the leading cordless vacuum.

Duration of Use

One POD may clean a whole household and last up to one month or more, depending on the size of your space and the type of dust and dirt.

Advantages over Bagless

POD offers more containment of dust and debris and delivers a quick, easy, mess-free disposal. No cumbersome bags or digging inside a dirt cup!

Signals When to Empty

An LED indicator lights up to notify when the POD is full.

No Dust Cloud

POD self-seals preventing the dust cloud that spreads when emptying a traditional bagless vacuum.

Mess-Free Disposal

Drop the POD easily into the trash without having to get your hands dirty.


5 PODs are included with purchase and are compact for easy storage.

Versatile cordless Oreck Pod
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