Habersham candles

The fragrance of a candle without a flame

Maintaining a clean home is only one way to keep your rooms smelling fresh.

Flint Oreck carries the latest collection of hand crafted, fragranced candles from Habersham Candle Company.

These wax vessels are handmade in the USA and release a refreshing scent without having an open flame.

Habersham candles bring amazing fragrances into your home with Wax Pottery® vessels, spheres and wax melts. Each purchase includes a stand for the vessel or sphere.

These beautiful pieces look great in any room and add a fragrance that enrich your home.

Wax Melts and an electric melter are also available.

Popular fragrances are always available and seasonal options add to any holiday decor.

Habersham Candles make a great gift for yourself or someone else, but if you're shopping for a friend, we offer a Gift-It Center so you can package the purchase in a beautiful gift bag.